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S3 8P Video Of Clutch & DMF Removed From My S3

david_phillips95 Feb 18, 2010

  1. My car had covered a grand total of 19k miles when this gear was removed, the clutch started slipping a few months after stage one remap. If your clutch is slipping your DMF will most likely be flapping around as much as mine is in this video lol

    Cheers Davie
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  2. Y444GAR

    Y444GAR Member

    think you have posted the wrong link :think:
  3. fixed, too much copy and pasting going on

  4. CJ3BLUE

    CJ3BLUE Member

    I've just had a play with my 'new 'flywheel which is in my living room waiting to be fitted and has the same amount of movement as your old one !!!!
    Alarm bells are ringing !!!!
  5. when you say its "new" where did you buy it? if yours is anything like mine i would be very worried lol

  6. A4_DTM

    A4_DTM Member

    Flywheel has to be in that condition, that is normal, flywheel is damper in whole system because clutch has no springs on it ! SMFW system has springs on clutch so clutch is damper.
  7. mrgicm

    mrgicm Phantom black S3/

    Thats true....
  8. My DMF was inspected by a fully qualified Audi Master Tech, you are allowed rotation upto 3-4 teeth but the play in the plate is means it needs replaced. so no way is that normal! Why would i spend over £600 replacing it if it was fine??

  9. CJ3BLUE

    CJ3BLUE Member

    Got it from here Davie- http://www.autospares-group.co.uk/luk-clutches.php.
    I have never had anything to do with DMF's so i dont know if its normal or not ,im gonna take it to my mate who will be fitting it ,i trust him with my life so if he says its good then thats good enough for me lol !(he owns his own garage and has fitted loads)
    Ill report back later ......
  10. what a load of nonscence, you obviously have no idea. How can a DMF that has collapsed be serviceable???? this is the reason my clutch was slipping not because the clutch was worn out. You can see and hear the inner plate of the DMF rocking in the video, tell me how can a clutch securely clamp to a plate that is rocking....the answer is it CANT the clutch will slip as it cant clamp 100%

    if anyone believes this nonscence i will be more than happy to sell anyone my perfectly "normal" DMF for a bargain price of £50.00:lmfao:

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