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S3 8P to A5 3.0 TDi Quattro

ADi Nuff Valves Jun 29, 2014

  1. After owning my S3 for just over 3 years and with a baby on the way I thought it was time to look at a change. After looking at all the options I thought an A5 sportback would fit the bill. Popped in to the local dealer yesterday and took a 2010 3.0 TDi Quattro S-Tronic out for a spin. Was a lovely car so I think the decision has been made. The one I tried had lots of nice toys (HD Sat Nav, Auto-lights/wipers, lumbar support, cruise, AMI and lovely 19" alloys. Is there anything I need to look out for on these? A quick read has brought up issues with the inlet manifold. Is this something that I need to check has been done? Or something I could sort myself? (I used to service my own cars and have done lots of retrofits/repairs over the year so i'm not too worried about taking it to bits)

    Anything else to look out for?

    Also if anyone is on the lookout for a tidy 2007 Phantom Black S3 8P 3dr with about 46k on the clock then give me a shout. Will be getting the ad sorted this coming week.
  2. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    Hi, other than the manifold issues I believe the 3.0TDi is a fairly solid lump. I certainly never had any problems with mine (upto around 40k miles IIRC) apart from a failed water pump which was replaced under warranty and, I believe, recalled as well. This was the first 2009 models, not sure how much time went by before it was picked up and remedied so I would check that with a 2010 model.

    With regards to the manifold fix it's not something I would attempt, but that's because I can barely hold a spanner let alone have a clue what I'm doing - I would have thought that if you are used to servicing your own cars you'd probably be ok fixing it yourself. There are guides about so take a look at those and judge for yourself.

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  3. Thanks for the reply. Good to hear not too many horror stories.

    One other thing i'm trying to check is the service intervals and costs. I'm hopefully going to go back to look at this one again once it's been prepped to give it a good going over and i'll ask about the servicing then but in the mean time if anyone can advise on what the major service intervals are that would be great. I assume with it being a V6 it's a cam chain and therefore no cambelt service to be expected?
  4. Shrek5

    Shrek5 Well-Known Member

    Depending on mileage things like the s-tronic oil will I think have needed changing, best bet is to ask them but also to look over the service book as that will tell you what's required. In my experience costs weren't overly terrifying, although around 40k can be a pricey service due to the s-tronic oil.
  5. kanecullen89

    kanecullen89 Active Member

    It is a chain so all good :)

    Do you find much performance difference?
  6. Between the S3 and the A5? Yes. The A5 is much more refined as you'd expect. Comparing a manual to an S-Tronic is going to feel vastly different anyway. My S3 should be around 300bhp and you get a noticeable kick up the rear when you put your foot down. The A5 is a much smoother power delivery.
  7. Sc08 LAB

    Sc08 LAB Active Member

    Hi mate so I've just joined this from A5oc and I bought my 59 plate S- line 3.0l Quattro with all the toys with 33k on it and in a year I've done about 10k. I was horrified to discover the second service was £750 pretty much to my reply of " it's not a Bugatti Veyron" . After a lil more digging and asking a new girl who worked there I got it for £350 as it's a major service, you can take your own oil in which will save about£80. Hope this helps, oh and I've had no trouble at all and I got it remapped about two weeks after purchase.
  8. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Active Member Audi A5 Audi A1


    Audi are starting to annoy me. Why should loyal customers have to barter for; let's face it is still an expensive service, but not a bend over and take it cost?

    Glad I got 2 free services now as don't really want to remortgage the house to keep my car on the road!

    Mines in for the oil change in a couple of weeks, I'll report back when done.

    BTW - what map did you get done and how's it driving now. Ie(nudge nudge) is it essential to get done if the wife asks?:whistle2:
  9. Sc08 LAB

    Sc08 LAB Active Member

    I got mine done by angle tuning who weren't too far from Milton Keynes where I was. It's a custom map and without a dump I can't be sure however I can hear faint whistle of the turbo at high revs and approx another 40-60bhp and a 100nmt . After research, and spreading to a few companies I went with them for three reasons:

    1. Speaking to them they gave me the most confident feeling.
    2. My good mate had his done the years prior with no dramas.
    3. Got 'sqauddie' discount of 15%.

    Oh and 4. I get a lifetime warranty, if the remap gets ' knocked off' by a service, or I want to revert back to standard they'll do it free of charge. And considering mines a 59 plate where they have to spend an hour or so just to get to the ecu as it's in the engine bay, whereas pre 2009 and 2.0l's it's inside the car so is a 40 min process, do not cheap.

    All round no regrets and improved fuel economy as I got a mixed map not just performance.

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