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S3 8P propshaft information needed (URGENT)

slick May 10, 2013

  1. slick

    slick Member

    HELP! :)

    hello peeps.

    i need to know if the propshaft for 8P S3 is same throughout the model range

    are all 8P S3's using the same propshaft (all years, and 3dr or 5dr's)

    is the one from A3 2.0 TFSI quattro same? or 2.0 TDI quattro?

    is there anything in specific i should be looking for

    my car is 2009 model sportback S3, and apparently i need a new prop. i have found a few, but before making any commitment, i need to know exactly what im supposed to be buying haha. :ermm:

  2. g dawg

    g dawg Member

    Think there all the same just had my done under warrenty it's a known issue
  3. slick

    slick Member

    thanks mate. wish i could get mine done under warranty, but dont think it will happen as its registered late 2008 i think.

    i also want it fixed asap, rather than being left alone and sitting around doing naff all!

    if anyone can confirm for sure (preferably someone who has hands on experience, or works with these cars) whether or not the parts are definitely the same for a 3dr and a 5dr, this would really help. i have found a few offers of parts, and can probably get them tonight, then fitted this weekend, but i dont want to travel 100-200 miles if the part is wrong, will be a big waste of money/fuel/time!


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