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S3 8l, the old Rota Grid question, HELP!

J Eyo Dec 10, 2013

  1. J Eyo

    J Eyo Polo GTI (6) R

    Guys, Audi s3 8L, Ive got some brand new Rota Grid Drifts, 18x9.5 et38 (quite possibly THE worst et to get these in :S), running 225 tyres stretched. Fronts hit the strut the second I put them on, 0 clearance, rears, haven't tried, what spacers will I need? 15mm front, 20mm rear? Could I get away with 10mm, 15mm? (Ive heard rears can fit without spacers? I was thinking rear spacers just to have them sitting flush to the guards) I'll be wanting to lower these on coil overs very soon to, probably BC BR's, as low as they can get before looking ridiculous. But I've heard to many contradicting things, and the closest I've heard to far is 20mm front and back, 20mm on the front is going to look ridiculous :(

    Any one got ANY experience with these, or anything thats just 9x5 et38, and how did these fit? Pretty sure I'm going to get the front rolled anyway
  2. [Dave B]

    [Dave B] Daddy

    Get a tape measure?
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  3. Alex C

    Alex C Well-Known Member VCDS Map User Audi S3

    last guy i remember who had those wheels in that fitment was Donjon with a red S3. He ran 20mm spacers front and back

    Think Pats3poa also runs Rota grid drifts 9.5J but they are ET23, don't think he used spacers, in which case you could get a way with 15mm spacers on your setup

    could probably do what you like on the rear -- loads 'a room
  4. Curt

    Curt Member

  5. Nyteryda

    Nyteryda Nyteryda

    I have run 19x9.5 with 225/35/19 tyres on the front with an et of around 25 and 19x10.5 on the back with a 255/30/19 tyre and an et of around 20 .. no rubbing even on full lock and slammed on coilies

    I did try a 215 tyre on the front so the wheel could be spaced out another 5mm but it was too stretched for my liking
  6. J Eyo

    J Eyo Polo GTI (6) R

    View attachment 29703 20mm rear, 15mm front, 2-3mm clearance between inner lip and strut up front, want coil overs, advice?? :(

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