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S3 8L Speaker upgrade, options/advice?

mcpickering Apr 20, 2012

  1. mcpickering

    mcpickering Member


    I'm looking to up-rate the front speakers in my S3, i have an alpine head-unit and also an Audison Amp with a JL Sub. So i'm looking to match the speakers, get a bit more mid/highs inside the car.

    I believe that the front components are only 4" and in reality, buying some aftermarket ones will help but not make a great deal of difference. i will be looking to amp up the interior speakers (including the standard rears also)

    One option would be to fab the doors to take a large 6.5" component set, which is tempting to get the extra mid/bass and highs(with a decent set of tweeters)

    I just wondered if anyone had done this before and would know the best way to do the door builds?



    (P.s. it is a non Bose setup in the S3)

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