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S3 8L Renewal with modifications ...

k1ano Apr 18, 2013

  1. k1ano

    k1ano Member

    I just renewed my insurance and thought I'd share the information ...

    Car is a 2003 8L S3 low mileage with the following mods ...

    Aftermarket BBS style wheels
    Coil over suspension
    Forge front mount intercooler
    Milltek SS exhaust and sports cats
    GTRS turbocharger and ancilliary piping etc.
    Air filter/induction kit
    Boost controller
    ECU Re-map with dyno sheet showing 265 hp which is the declared HP figure

    I have no accidents or convictions, 1 no fault claim, 46 years old, NW postocode, car secured at property, OEM security etc.

    I got 3 quote options ...
    • Need2Insure (my original insurer) - with Aviva £625 and Market Study £448 (but this was restricted to 5k miles).
    • Sky - with Chauser £592.
    • Privilagekeepmoving - with Mulsanne £450 (mileage 9k, £500 excess).
    All provided the usual cover like protected NCB, europe, windscreen, legal etc.

    I went for Privilagekeepmoving in the end as it was nearer to my last year cost and a significant reduction on the others so I thought I'd give them a try as they advertise on here. I am a big believer though in customer service so thanks do go to James at Sky and Anthony at Need2Insure as these are great insurers who I would highly recommend and wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.


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  2. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Same for me. Prestige Keep Moving (Mulsanne) were also best. With Stage 1 remap, aftermarket alloys, TIP/Filter and suspension mods (about to be done, doesn't affect premium) their quote was £375 for myself & the Mrs, 10k/yr mileage, fully comp with protected NCB. Plus £450 excess BUT with a £350 re-imbursement should I claim, so just £100 excess on balance. Very pleased.

    Also tried some of the other known modified car insurers mentioned on here but they couldn't quite match this quote.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2013
  3. vivalacoulter

    vivalacoulter Active Member VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Audi S5

    I recently rang Sky for my soon to come 8L S3 and the mods I want to do and they were unable to give me a quote sadly! Probably because I'm 21...

    Trying not to wish my life away, really haha.

    21 Years old
    3 Years no claims (was a named driver for one)
    Held my license 4 years
    No convictions or offences
    Stored on drive at night and in secure factory car park during the day
    3000 miles per year

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