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S3 8L rear diff and haldex swap

j555pre Mar 3, 2009

  1. j555pre

    j555pre New Member

    Has anyone out there done this on their car? My haldex has been run dry by a previous owner and my attempts to bring it back to life have failed. I have sourced a complete rear diff and haldex unit secondhand. I've changed the diff oil, haldex oil and filter and now need to fit it. Obviously I need to remove the propshaft from the haldex and the rear driveshafts from the diff. Are the rear shafts easy to remove from the diff and do I have to take the whole rear arm/wishbone off the car or just undo one tie bar and angle it away from the diff after unbolting it?:readit:

    Any advice greatly appreciated before I jump in and get my hands dirty!


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