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S3 8L Front Bumper (Silver)

Santico Feb 17, 2014

  1. Santico

    Santico New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Forgive me if i should have posted this in another thread but i am quite new to this business and not particularly good with technology! Unfortunately someone has managed to reverse into my prized possession in the car park at work and put a nasty crack in my bumper, as well as ruin the passenger headlight washer cover. I was just wondering if anyone may be selling a new front bumper or failing that the headlight washer cover off an old bumper?

    My car is a silver 02 plate and has done 75,000 miles and with this in mind i don't really want to get a brand new bumper as the paint wouldn't match the rest of the vehicle. Ive seen them for sale on bluchipspares but the prices are outrageous and i have heard nothing but bad news about the company.. Does anyone have any alternative sites or breakers they could reccommend?

    Thanks in advance guys

  2. nazS3

    nazS3 Member

    ive got bare bumper in silver, but it needs some tlc has few scuffs will most likely need painting
    only after 50 if any good
  3. Santico

    Santico New Member

    Sounds like it could be the one! Any chance of a few pictures please mate?

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