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S3 8L BAM engine running a non quattro/4wd gearbox - please advise

mexico Mar 23, 2013

  1. mexico

    mexico New Member

    I am soon breaking my S3 52reg and using as many parts as donor for my Mk1 Golf Clipper Jreg.

    I am intending on keeping the Golf as front wheel drive as the haldex is gone and believe I can't use the S3 gearbox/transmission due to transfere (4WD) case! Its is a pitty I cant use the gerbox as I had spent £700 on it early last year.

    Can you please suggest and advise on what other gearbox would be best suited for my BAM engine for FWD purposes?
    also any other recommendations for this project i.e what mechanical parts can be used?

    Thanks n i look forward to your help
  2. stevegti2

    stevegti2 Member

    use a 5speed from a golf /a3 1.8t etc also will need the clutch and flywheel or use your clutch and flywheel with a 6 speed box from a seat leon cupra r etc
  3. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    As said you will need either a 5/6 speed FWD 1.8T Golf/A3 box.

    02M - 6speed
    02J - 5speed

    Either way sack off the dual mass flywheel and put a single mass in.

    With the 02M a clutch/flywheel can be gotten from the likes of AwesomeGTi/maybe eBay.

    If you use an 02J box, then a flywheel off a MK3 Golf GTi 16v (ABF engine code) or off a MK2 Golf G60 can be used along with an uprated pressure plate/friction plate.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2013
  4. phil miller

    phil miller Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    best swap going imho, ditch the 6sp, get a 5sp A3 turbo or golf GTI box, use a solid flywheel and matching clutch, you cant use your 6sp flywheel or clutch, also bear in mind the 5sp box is hyd clutch and your clipper is cable, many ways round this, i believe you can get a cable to hyd unit or even a replacement pedal box from say a toledo or carbano, the choice is endless dude
  5. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    o2M squire :)

    it is TECHNICALLY possible to use your existing box, if you got a fwd bell housing and swapped it over you could retain the rest of your setup and internals I believe, but it's probably more hassle than it's worth.

    Personally, I think the 5 speed suits the 1.8T much better anyway, and in something as light as a clipper the taller gears will suit it, 5th on the 02J and 6th on the 02M are a similar ratio anyway.

    Also, if you use the 02J, and get an early one with 100mm flanges (or add 100mm flanges to a later 108mm box) I believe you can use stock shafts from an 02A setup. the 100mm inner CV's didn't change from the mk2 golf all the way to the early 1.8T's!
  6. Lewis583

    Lewis583 Active Member VCDS Map User

    I did originally write 02M but doubted myself so had a quick Google and (admittedly I didn't look hard enough) saw 02M with 4motion and assumed it was the haldex 'box. :rtfm: lol

    As Nick said, early 02J would be your best bet. I'm using an early 02J gearbox (gearbox code DBZ, from a 1997 A3 1.8T) which had the 100mm output flanges, so bolted straight up to my MK2 driveshafts.

    I will also edit my previous post for future refrence etc
  7. mexico

    mexico New Member

    Thanks for all your responses so far.

    Okay I have been offered a carrado G60 gearbox complete with gear/remote selector for £150, will this fit straight into the clipper or will i require new mounts? also where can I get and how much for the s3 engine to mk1 conversion mounts?

    what else will need to be changed for this to fit with the BAM engine? and in your opinion's is this a good combination with the BAM engine?

    Thanks guys keep em coming in as I will colate the info gathered and make a list of required part, jobs needed to be don! and cost's.

    I want to use the s3 break callipers, green stuf pads with vented or grooved discs, s3 miltek exhaust! suspension?

    Just to draw you a pic of what it should look like - black clipper, black hood, s3 black leathers and possibly s3 dash and steering wheel - i had seen on ebay some1 selling a mk1 gti with a3 1.8t dash, also cabby with TT interior so must be poss.

    Im assumimng the s3 wiring loom can be used but it will take somebody in the know how to undertak the task/job.
    Any recommemdations of garages/people that may be able to do this in the midlands and potentialy how much?

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