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S3 2009 grinding noise when steering and clutch vibration

Aaron Kiely Oct 5, 2012

  1. Aaron Kiely

    Aaron Kiely New Member

    Hi all great forum,

    My car is under extended warranty under audis approved scheme, car is 3.8 yrs old. I booked my 2009 S3 into my local Audi dealer to investigate a grinding noise when turning under low speed.

    i took the engineer out and he heard the noise clearly and we dropped the car back. I then get a call from the service manager, who badly explained to me that they think its the gearbox but we can't investigate further under an extended warranty unless you are prepared to pay £850 to strip the gearbox. If it is a problem with the gearbox then Audi uk will cover the cost of this. I also get vibrations through the clutch pedal and today the clutch stuck halfway down but came up agin when I depressed the pedal.

    The noise is getting worse and I only have 1 month left before the extended warranty runs out. I'm scared to keep the car in case it is the gearbox, any ideas or help on what steps to take would be appreciated.
  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    Get a second opinion from a good independent specialist garage. If they diagnose gearbox troubles then i predict this face --->:scared2:

    Sticking clutch would normally mean slave cylinder i think.

    Could be a bunch of things though, organic material may have come off the rivets, could be down to the rivets even and its just scratching them to death, causing excess heat - heat does funny things.

    Eitherway, gearbox off i think! :(

    labour to remove gearbox and fit new clutch and re-assemble. (excluding parts) £300.

    Do not let them charge you much more...

    Obviously parts on top..

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