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S3 2009 Fog light surrounds help

DaveS3Turbo Nov 14, 2009

  1. DaveS3Turbo

    DaveS3Turbo Sepang Blue S3

    Hi all,

    How do the chrome surrounds come of the facelift S3. When you have the black optiks pack does that have black surrounds or have the chrome ones just been left off?

  2. crypric23

    crypric23 Never satisfied

    Yes when get the black optics pack the fog lights are in black surrounds not chrome.. i have a set of brand new chrome surrounds if you need them as mine was black so bought the chrome fogs as i think they look a lot better with the chrome mirrors, but sold the car and never put them on.. from my 2009 59 plate s3. I think its best to have them both so you can change them as and when , they simply pull off and push back in.. Although it is not just the chrome rings it is the whole lower fog grill ( left and right.)

    I paid £75 trade from Manchester Audi parts. RRP £87

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