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S3, 2002 ConcertII (Bose)

badgerbrock Feb 1, 2008

  1. badgerbrock

    badgerbrock New Member

    Hi everyone

    having recently picked up my new Audi, got to say im not that impressed with the sounds atall....all to easy to distort the sub, and volume control doesnt seem right, anything under say Vol 12 is too quiet, then anything above 13 too loud...?!

    I understand there is a way of setting the HU to a 'standard' EQ setting, would this make it any better? is it easy to switch between 'BOSE' and 'standard'??

    Also, being the BOSE setup does this limit my choices if I choose to go aftermarket HU and Sub/Amp? or can I get a harness to convert the wiring.

    Please note ive not even removed the HU as yet so im none the wiser re RCA pre-outs etc.

    If I chose aftermarket would probably go Alpine or Becker. I already have a 4-ch and seperate 2-ch amp from a previous install in a Golf MK-IV.

    Cheers for any suggestions

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Pull the HU and just snip the earth wire going to the Bose pin on the black power ISO plug (bottom plug, top row, far right as detailed on the diagram on top of the HU), this will take off the horrible flat as **** Bose EQ. You'll then get far more range on both Bass and Treble & a more friendly smiley face EQ.
    the volume problem sounds uncannily like the dreaded "volume problem" that eventually effects all A3 HU's. Not a lot you can do other than replace the HU. It will get worse to the extent that it will go to max volume automatically for no reason. There are places that will cure the fault but it's a complex job (new micro controller, new RAM chip, new firmware) so for £90 or so you may as well get a new HU off ebay or better still see if your local dealer or whover you bought the car from will do an exchange unit.
    Bose does limit your choices for upgrading, so unless you're planning on changing all the speakers and the amp then just adding a sub will improve the sound dramatically. I've replaced about 20 Bose subs in A3/S3's for my stealth sub and amp setup, which is only a 6.5" JL Audio unit with very good results.
    The stock HU does have front & rear pre-outs which at the moment fee the Bose amp in the rear right cubbyhole. The right front & left rear pre-outs are then fed to the Bose sub which has it's own puny amp inside the tupperware sub enclosure.
    You can use this feed to feed a proper amp & sub combo.

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