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S3 2000 - No Boost and Oil Leak

JK99 Feb 28, 2012

  1. JK99

    JK99 New Member


    First post on the forum and it's not a good one. I bought a 2000 S3 a couple of weeks ago and I've got a couple of problems to sort.

    The CTS and Stat needed replaced so I did that and the gauge now works as normal.

    I also replaced the MAF as the car was a bit sluggish when cold too. When changing them, I noticed a bit of a film of oil on the end of the MAF on the O/S. is this normal?

    Faults were cleared but I've still got no boost and was told it was flagging up with a Low Boost Pressure code?

    Theres also an oil leak developed and I think it's coming from the IC pipe infront of the battery. Has anyone come across this and dwhat is the sensor that goes into the pipe - its held in with 2 torx. Do you think this could be the problem?

    Many thanks.

  2. ColganRaz

    ColganRaz Member

    Hi, if you havent got it sorted by now, the MAF could possibly see abit of oil from oil vapour settling from the engine but dont quote me on that, check all your turbo and intercooler pipes for splits, gaps or untightness, i had a massive boost leak last week because a clip had broke and the turbo flexi pipe was leaking air straight from the sides, sorry i cant help more than this

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