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S3 - 2 simple technical questions (iPhone iPod)

Sugs Apr 15, 2010

  1. Sugs

    Sugs New Member

    Hi, newbie here.

    I've just ordered a new S3 which arrives in 3 weeks.:)

    It's already built so I had little say in spec. I've been trying to get a straight answer out of the dealer on 2 simple questions and feel I'm getting the run around re iPhone and iPod connectivity.

    The car has factory fitted Concert II (+ Bose) and Bluetooth. All I want to do is add a cradle in the armrest for my iPhone (so it can use the external antennae) and add a dock for an iPod to integrate with the head unit.

    I asked the dealer if he could source a car with the factory iPod dock (a £180 option) but we ended up settling on a car without.

    Dealer says;

    1. He can fit an iPod dock but it would have to be a 3rd party device fitted by a local electrician and quoted £500. He winked and said 'you'd be better off getting it done yourself cheaper'.

    2. The Bluetooth will work fine with the iPhone but you can't add the armrest cradle as a dealer fit option so, again, I'd be better off getting an aftermarket cradle on the dash with a charger lead.

    Went to local in car electrical specialist (very good local reputation that many main dealers use);

    He says;

    1. Audi iPod dock is the only one that can integrate with head unit now. Denison (?) used to do one but this doesn't work with latest head units. Glovebox iPod dock is dealer accessory and dealer fit only as there's some software to enable.

    2. iPhone doesn't always work with Audi bluetooth, check again with dealer. Armrest cradle is Audi dealer accessory and dealer fit only as software needs enabling. Only iPhone kit he can do would be a Parrot or similar which wouldn't integrate with aerial on car so would need a separate one.

    Please can someone tell me a straight answer to my simple and presumably common problem.

    Can the dealer retrofit said iPod and iPhone cradles as per factory option?
    What should I expect to pay?
    Part numbers?
    Does the iPhone work properly with latest A3 Bluetooth?How well does the iPod integrate with the Concert II? Track names/playlists/steering wheel controls

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  2. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Hi Sugs,

    There are so many options when it comes to both the iPod and iPhone. I recently bought a new S3 and had the opportunity to add the extras I wanted, so from my experience I would say the following:

    1. iPod. The Audi dock in the glovebox when used with the Concert is not worth the money in the slightest. It doesn't show track names, it will only allow 6 playlists to be used and its cumbersome and dated and quite frankly useless. I paid for it and I regret it, I would highly advise going and checking out the aftermarket options that would be available to you.

    2. iPhone. In contrast to the above, the bluetooth handsfree option is fantastic. It works seamlessly with the iPhone, syncs with the phonebook and since recent software upgrades stays connected without dropping off.

    I dont have the cradle in the armrest, but what I did get was the TomTom cradle for the iPhone, and I can quite happily say whilst it is expensive, but once properly hard wired in (aux and power) it is brilliant, and now I use the iPhone in the cradle, through the aux cable instead of the iPod in the glovebox as it is so much better. It also means you can use it for movies, satnav app, TV, DAB radio etc etc all through the car speakers. When you consider all that, it's £100 well spent and it's a very sturdy, compact cradle.

    Here are a couple of pictures of my install, and I hope all this helps!


  3. Sugs

    Sugs New Member

    Thanks for the info and pics. I'll check out the Tom Tom holder. Does it also have an option for dash mounting?

    Since my original post I've surfed a bit on the topic and my conclusion, which supports your reply is;

    1. The iPod cradle/glovebox kit IS retrofittable but the main advantage being neatness not functionality.
    2. To fit a factory phone bracket in the armrest would be an awful lot of hassle and cost just to get external antennae connection, but also possible.

    However, I'm still unclear what the aftermarket iPod options are. Do Denison do an iPod kit for the latest A3 that is any better than the factory one? It seems their old one is no longer compatible for some reason.

    My ideal is to have an iPod cradle that is hidden, charges, displays track names and can be controlled from the steering wheel. Sadly, it seems this isn't possible.

    BTW I found a thread that was a great source of information. Audi dealers take note...http://www.vwaudiforum.co.uk/forum/archive/index.php/t-46381.html

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