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S2 Fuel Pipes + Fuel Pressure?

oollit Mar 23, 2009

  1. oollit

    oollit New Member

    i have fitted new 8mm copper fuel lines to a friends 1994 2.2L S2 (220bhp).
    The steel pipes were in bad shape so they have to be replaced before the MOT. The problem i am having is that the rubber section with the banjo conection for the fuel filter outlet pipe is knackered and can't be re-used.
    I looked into getting some fittings from Speed Flow, but they were wanting £65 for a banjo fitting, small section of braided pipe and a coupling.

    I can get a banjo fitting with a hose tail, some high pressure fuel hose and some hose clamps for a couple of quid, but i can't find out what fuel pressure is running through the main fuel pipe from the tank to the engine.
    I am assuming that it will be running 3-4 Bar, like most cars, but i would like to know the correct pressure before i proceed with the cheap option as i don't want it going horribly wrong on me.
  2. Rev-head

    Rev-head Active Member

    3.4 bar i think ..RS2 is 3.8 bar

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