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harra1979 Jul 31, 2013

  1. harra1979

    harra1979 New Member

    Ive had my 58 plate 3.0 tdi quattro s-line for about 5 months now and im really not happy with the ride quality.

    It has been bothering me to the point that i thought something was broken on the rear suspension, but ive had the car in to Audi and they cant find anything wrong.

    I dont find the ride too firm, quite the opposite if anything Its a bit soft, but the thing that really bothers me is how choppy the ride is. The car never really feels settled unless its on perfectly smooth, new road surfaces (and we dont have many of them in the North east)

    Would be interested to hear what others think of the s-line suspension, and also opinions on fitting after market springs such as an Eibach pro kit

    Would this improve the ride quality or just compound the problem?

    Would be interested to hear from anybody with an opinion on this, especially those who have fitted after market springs.

  2. chan110

    chan110 Member

    m following this with interest!

    I only ever sat in a 3.2 2008 Quattro.
    it felt ok for me.
    but am looking to buy a 2.0t
  3. hollows wife

    hollows wife Well-Known Member

    i have eibachs fitted to a 2.0 tdi though , i hated the s-line suspension ,my son wouldnt go in the car the drive quality made him physically sick . first eibach kit was wrong though and back of car bounced around all over , but after the seller swapped them all i can say is the car should have been fitted with the eibach pro as standard . ride is much better quality than standard car has less roll ,pot holes feel less pronounced ,but it doesn't feel harsh in any way .
  4. Daggerit

    Daggerit Well-Known Member Team Floret Silver TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Audi S4 quattro Audi Avant Owner Group

    I put AP Racing coilovers on mine and it made it much better. It's firm in the corners but doesn't rattle your teeth out quite as bad over bumps and uneven road surfaces. Don't get me wrong, it isn't soft suspension, but it's a better ride quality than standard S-Line suspension I think.

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