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S-line springs on my A3 1.6?

Hbn74 Nov 7, 2012

  1. Hbn74

    Hbn74 New Member


    Would it be possible to swap my OEM springs on my 1.6 TDI 2013 sportback to the S-line springs. If I am correct they will lower the car 20mm.

    Is this a good setup if I just want to go a little bit lower? The weather here can be quite bad in winter so I do not want to go too low.
  2. Donny_DJ

    Donny_DJ Active Member

    In theory it should. I'm no expert but I think it depends on what engine S-Line it was from. I still have my standard S-Line springs (sitting under my bed, ha) but mine is a 2.0T so assume will be slightly stiffer than S-Line springs off say a 1.4/1.6 because the engine weighs more. Plus you have Quattro models to consider too as they weigh more. I'm happy to sell you them for a silly price if they fit.

    Let's wait till an expert comes along....anyone?!!
  3. Biggy

    Biggy Member

    The struts on a 1.6 are 50mm where a 2.0 s-line are 55mm, so the springs might be different, I'd recommend getting some coilovers anyway.

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