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S line rear springs ? whats the options ?

Chiefnutter Mar 14, 2013

  1. Chiefnutter

    Chiefnutter Member

    Just had my car serviced today by Dialynx & theyve noticed that one of the rear springs is broken :-(
    After looking around for replacements it looks like i havent got much choice apart from OE ? Or does anyone know any other options?
    I was going to get Eibach (Dialynx said they were better than OE ones) springs but it says they lower the car 30-45mm! Being an S line the car is already low enough & i dont want it any lower (or am i reading it wrong & they are referring to standard non S Line models?)
    Anyone have any ideas on what would be the best springs to go for ? Ive seen quite a few threads about people saying their OE springs have broken, even on cars 3 years old......Can i get a pair of good quality after market springs ? Or should i just stick to OE ones ?
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    All quoted drops are from standard height (apart from S3 springs), therefore with eibach pro springs which quote a drop of about 30mm you will see a 5mm drop in your s–line as it is already 25mm below standard height.
    Basically subtract about 25mm from any drop quoted and you'll have your (approximate) real drop.

    The pros are a very good spring.
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Yeah the Eibachs wont drop it that low mate so don't worry, I run them & the height is perfect & comfortable as I cant stand low riders.

    OEM's new are a little bit of money, so I'd buy a full pro kit as same price as a pair from audi.

    Eibach 30mm Pro Lowering Suspension Springs A3 8P 1.8T FSi, 2.0T FSi, 2.0TDi FWD 05/03> - £167.00 : The premier online mail order VAG suspension and performance specialists. We offer a wide range of all the best branded suspension and performance pa

    Definitely grab from Damian@dpm if you do, that's just 1 example, make sure you get the correct kit for your car eg. 2.0 tdi, 4wd, fwd etc.
  4. Chiefnutter

    Chiefnutter Member

    Excellent, thanks for that.....Looks like its Eibach springs then ;-)

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