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S line Quattro

J17_KNO Jan 27, 2013

  1. J17_KNO

    J17_KNO Member

    Hi folks,

    i will apologise in advance because I'm sure this subject has been spoken about before! But from all the threads I have read, my specific question hasn't been answered.

    Basically I've set my heart on a 170 diesel s line, and I also said I wanted a Quattro, but they are hard to come by in my price range. However I have seen quite a few non Quattro versions in my price range. All the Quattro vs non Quattro threads I have read mainly mention the benefits in terms of getting the power down at traffic lights and junctions etc.

    my question is, what are the benefits (if any) are there of having Quattro in terms of the cars handling? Coming from a mk4 golf which feels quite boaty going round corners, I want a car that is composed and tight in the corners, if that makes any sense! So would the non Quattro do the job or does the Quattro make a significant difference?



    SWILKO Member

    Quattro makes a huge difference when cornering, gives you a new confidence when doing so but it must also be used with respect. Over confidence can be dangerous, so it might provide a false sense of security.

    My answer to your question would be for you to test drive both units and decide for yourself.

  3. A19quattro

    A19quattro Active Member

    Everything I have read says quattro is the best, handling power down etc etc. I have just bought an S-Line quattro, came from a MK4 Golf too and it;s like night and day, way better in all kinds of wahys I hadn't even thought of. You are right they can be hard to find but the search is worth it I can confirm, watch out for accident damaged ones, I came across a couple, think it;s donw to that too much confidence thing. Good luck with the search.
  4. Baza1819

    Baza1819 Member

    I got the 170 Quattro mapped to 220 - awesome piece ov kit no matter what the weather or road ya driving.....
    Previously Mk4 tdi 130, Audi is miles better handling
  5. chinnyhill10

    chinnyhill10 Member

    We have 2 A3's in the household 1 with and 1 without. The Quattro feels far more balanced, but also gives you more confidence. It isn't about hooning it about town like an idiot (although you can do that if you wish), it's about pulling away on wet roads covered in leaves, having more grip in the recent snow and ice and even being the only car to get out of a churned up temporary carpark in afield under my own steam after some idiot in a Focus got stuck in the entrance (thought he was Clarkson, tried to power his way out and turned it into a mudbath). Granted I had to reverse out but everyone else, including a Nissan 4x4 was towed out.

    There's all sorts of reasons to have it. For me Quattro is the only reason to have an A3. I'd much rather have a Golf than a 2 wheel drive A3 (not something people on an Audi forum would want to hear I guess).

    Mind you, you say you are coming from a mk4 Golf. The standard mk4 was a barge. Any A3 will handle better than that. I went from a MK4 to a MK5 that had sports suspension and the change was unbelievable.
  6. J17_KNO

    J17_KNO Member

    Thanks for all the advice chaps. It pretty much confirmed what I knew already, quattro is what I want so go with that.

    Chinnyhill10 - I agree with your point about going for a golf if 2wd, as my mk4 has given me good service and I like the mk5. However the a3 with quattro is what i'm going to go for.
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