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S Line grille - cant get original type anymore from Audi

jsh Mar 29, 2010

  1. jsh

    jsh Member

    Had a small bump a couple of weeks ago on my B7 S Line Cab and went into bodyshop last week. When I picked the car up (new bumper and grille) the bodyshop had fitted a gloss black grille instead of the original anthracite one. It looks ok but does not look original. When I quizzed them, they claimed that the original part is no longer available in it's original finish and this is the only one Audi can now supply. I am a bit surprised because these were still fitted to the 09 final editions. Does this sound right or do you think that they are taking the p!55?

    They even managed to fit the new bumper at about 5mm too low - Audi bodyshops eh?
  2. PMJ

    PMJ need another DTM

    I have an S line grille sitting in my shed... it has the chrome painted black... but the plastic bit is grey..... wanted the black optics grille and made a boo boo when buying it....
  3. Richardesty

    Richardesty loves quattro

    I think the bodyshop is pulling your plonker.....
  4. jsh

    jsh Member

    Its Swansway ARC - the Audi bodyshop owned by Crewe, Stoke & Stafford Audi. You would think they would know to be honest. They know I dont really believe them and that I will be checkung it out but they are adamant that it's the truth.
  5. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    I think it's a load of kakka-poo-poo as well. I've just had a new grille installed at a repair shop and it is the anthracite one. I'm now in the process of putting my new RS4 grille in.

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