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S-line Fog Light Bulb/Bulb Holder

Paul_c Nov 17, 2009

  1. Paul_c

    Paul_c Member

    Hey, quick question... i've just bought a set of s-line fog lights as i'm changing my front bumper from sport to s-line but they aren't OEM so dont have a backing bulb holder / cover(?)
    Do the bulbs come with the holders as standard and as shown below:-


    I've got the fog grills and different plugs & repair wire for the sline wiring but don't have a part number or any info on the above?

    Full ebay link is here- Clicky :readit:
  2. AntDub

    AntDub Member

    thats not a bulb and a holder.. that just how the bulb comes.. if i remmeber rightly i think its just a standard H11 bulb (which come complete with what your calling a holder)

    hope this helps :)
  3. Paul_c

    Paul_c Member

    Ah... i see :keule: Many thanks Ant!

    What confused me was the sport foglights have a cover that attaches to the back. These S-line lights just have a hole!

    Any Recomendations out there? I'm running Phillips Blue Vision headlight and sidelight bulbs...


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