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  1. stevescort

    stevescort New Member

    HI after enjoying my 2005 3dr tdi sport for two years im looking at trading in against a 5dr s line tdi with dsg gearbox

    just im not sure about these gearbox,s is there any problems and are they any good

    really in two minds but just need a 5 door car now as find it hard getting people in back

    any advise on these cars would be very helpful

    regards steve
  2. Dave-S3

    Dave-S3 Active Member

    Personally, i love the DSG box, its not like a conventional Auto, its much more clever. It makes the car incredibly smooth, all my passengers comment, but then at the kick of the throttle it turns my S3 into the monster it actually is haha!

    What year are you looking at? I think some of the older ones had issues but the newer ones are bombproof provided the oil and filter is changed every 40k.
  3. stevescort

    stevescort New Member

    many thanks im looking at a 56 plate one with 115 thousand miles
  4. paultaylor

    paultaylor Member

    I've a 2007 170 tdi DSG and got stung for €2k new mechatronics

    make sure you drive it from cold and then in traffic when fully warmed up, do loads of start stop driving and see how clutch bites and if its jerky and banging into gear the mechatronics is gone, I tried changing oil and filter at Audi for €300 but it was exactly the same.

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