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S-Line config vs Sport/SE

ryanb741 May 22, 2013

  1. hittchy

    hittchy Active Member

    Or trade in or sell to a dealer.

    It actually becomes a very grey area in terms of private sales though, as condition, colour or even location in the country could potentially have more of an impact on resale value. Private buyers generally don't want to travel the length of the country so look closer to home.

    My guess is that there'll be loads of S-Lines on the market (particularly in Daytona!). However, if someone is looking for an A3 and doesn't want a black interior, the scarcity of SE and Sport cars in certain areas of the country could even mean they command a bit of a premium! Only time will tell.
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  2. Debs

    Debs New Member

    I'm a company car driver who got talked out of ordering another Scirocco and into getting an A3 by a colleague as we were both trying to save some money.

    He got the Sport as that had no personal cost contribution and I ordered the S Line because I wanted the Xenons. The difference between the Sport and the S Line for us was £6 a month.

    That was it, no other reason. I like to tell him that mine looks sportier when we're parked together. He likes to remind me he spends his £6 wisely.
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