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s line bumpers

cammy104 Jul 3, 2013

  1. cammy104

    cammy104 Member

    asked a few times but never seem to get a straight answer

    iv got an 57 plate a3 1.9 tdi and im after putting an sline front and rear on it

    upto what year front bumper will fit my car? even it it takes abit of chopping around thats ok. and what year rear will fit also. will the grill out of my 57 plate fit the new bumper and iv also been told you can use your old fogs with only a small gap that is practicably unnoticeable. is any of this true and any help would be much appreciated even showing me a few bumpers would help loads
  2. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Up to 57-reg is what you need, some 08 plates are pre-facelift too but most are facelift and these bumpers won't fit (no way a bit of chopping will make it fit!).

    The standard grill will fit S-line, the S-Linegrill just has a different slat design.

    Fog lights are quite different, the good thing is they are quite plentifuly on ebay, either new or second hand. New can be had for about £40 a pair I'm sure. The reason their's loads of them available compared to S-Line bumpers is because the facelift 08-on standard cars had the old S-line fogs so pretty much all the facelifts have suitable foglights for the older S-Line bumpers.

    For the rear bumper there's loads of standard A3 facelift bumpers, which are like s-line in style but have a crease near the edge to match the "sharper" looks of the facelift. It probably won't be that noticeable mated with a pre-08 front s-line bumper.

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