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S line bumpers

L05T Mar 6, 2012

  1. L05T

    L05T Member

    Hi guys,

    My mate is after a s line bumper as yesterday someone reversed into his front bumper.

    Now the person who did this is a young driver and does not want to go through insurance and is willing to pay for all costs to get my a a new bumper.

    My mate has 55 reg Audi A3 Sport and is wanting to replace his bumper with the S line bumper. Would this fit his car

    Audi A3 S-line front bumper 2008 on | eBay

  2. willowsdad

    willowsdad Sideways

    Not a straight fit mate. He needs a pre 08 s line bumper. That's an 8p3 which would need new lights, wings, etc. etc. there are a few on eBay but there all around the £200 mark and need prepping and spraying.

    HIGGINS Member

    Get him to look for a bumper, he did the damage. They are pretty rare to find as they get snapped up pretty quick. But i am guessing he will have to get one from Audi.
  4. BBlackburn

    BBlackburn Member

    There are 2 s-line bumpers on eBay at the moment both £200 mark as willows said but you may also be better going straight to Audi as said and getting a primed one and avoid hassle and get it done quick if the other person is paying. Also if your mate has 55 reg I'm assuming he already has the full grille which will also fit the s-line bumper so no need to buy that but you will need new fog lights and surrounds and repair wires so best of getting all from Audi and fog lights from euro parts or somewhere as all the parts your after I'm afraid are like gold dust.
  5. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Quote for a new S-Line bumper from Stoke AUDI is around £261 so don't pay silly money for a rough bumper off ebay (the 2005-2008 S-Line front bumpers are fairly rare compared to the ten a penny 2008-on). I've seen crazy prices being paid on ebay, like £650 for front and rear bumpers when you can just get ANY facelift base model rear bumper which is essentially the same as the old S-Line styling for £60 or so on ebay.

    The Sport grill will fit the S-Line bumper.
    S-line fog grilles are £50/pair from AUDI.
    S-Line foglights (use H11 bulbs) are £37.95/pair on ebay (new aftermarket; 2008-on are the same foglight (oval)).

    If they want to avoid insurance, then £450 should easily pay for it all painted.
  6. L05T

    L05T Member

    Thanks for your advice guys.

    Your right best way would be to get it straight from Audi

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