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S line badge missing ebay badges will fit ??

levilucas03 Nov 25, 2013

  1. levilucas03

    levilucas03 Member

    I got myself the last part for the sline conversion from a double grill... now the grill is missing the s line badge its been removed.. and its left the insert were its meant to be... (picture below) there tones on ebay but will it fit the sline grill in that spot? or are most of them only for cars with the non standard grills were it attaches to the grill lines??? any ideas or has had the same issue !!


    theres one on ebay like so but looking at the picture of the grill will this fit!!:


    or there this one which is a bit odd.. but may possibly be it ?
  2. Phil-1

    Phil-1 Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    I got the first badge picture for my S Line.
    It fits no problem

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