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S-Line Avant - JOM Coilovers

ESD1711 Mar 13, 2013

  1. ESD1711

    ESD1711 Active Member

    Hi guys,

    I've only been here 2 minutes and its already time for my first question haha.....!

    I'm looking to get a set of coilovers for my A4. Its a 2.0 TDi S-Line Avant.

    I'm not particularly interested in spending huge sums of money on top end kit. Its something i've done in the past on cars i've intended to drive hard / on track etc - but for this, its just all about achieving a look, so i'm happy to go with a decent set of 'budget' coilovers.

    The two kits i've been looking at are the JOM Blueline and the FK AK Streets. Both come in around the £200 mark which is ridiculously cheap IMO - so if they last a year then die, then cant have too much cause for compaint.

    Anyhow.... when looking at these, i've seen (at least in the case of the JOM's) that the kits 'exclude' the Sport model, which i'm assuming is the S-line. Not sure why that would be - isnt the S-line suspension just the same but a bit lower?

    Basically what i'm looking for is for someone to confirm that one or either of the above kits will go on to the S-Line Avant.......

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor


    Both kits will fit the Sport and S-Line models.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
  3. ESD1711

    ESD1711 Active Member

    Thanks to Damian for sorting me out with a good deal on a set of FK's :)

    Just need to wait on my wheels arriving now and things will be starting to take shape.

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