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S and D Modes - Strange Noises

mattyn Mar 4, 2012

  1. mattyn

    mattyn Member


    Lunchtime today, driving through town. At roundabout, stantionery, put the car in S Mode from D. As I pulled away, a bit of a clunk, and as I proceded, a mechanical type rattling loose noise from my side of the car. Not excessively loud, but noticeable. Drive and power seemd unaffected. Put it into D again and noise disappeared.

    Went for lunch, then drove home about 15 miles with no further incident, albeit in D mode. In the cul de sac, slipped into S and drove the few hundred yards home with no repetition of the noise. Gear change automatically and via the paddles as normal.

    What happens when we put it in S mode - and what could have been the problem. I thought D to S was electronic but it seems like something did not engage properly.

    BTW I have 3.0 TDi A6 Quattro S Line Auto.

    Thanks in advance

  2. crispin

    crispin Member

    may point towards future issue... I think when in S mode it puts the system under a higher pressure. I would drive tomorrow in S mode and see...I wish you luck that its nothing.

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