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Running without a MAF

JamesA3 Jul 13, 2005

  1. JamesA3

    JamesA3 Member

    Will I be ok running the car for a few days with it disconnected?
  2. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    It'll throw a fault-code or three like "signal short to ground" or similar which obviously can be cleared and not worried about once it's reconnected.

    It will also run poorly compared to normal (mine runs like it's got a 50cc two-stroke with the MAF disconnected (as in, almost impossible to pull away from lights) - but that's probably related to the fact it's a weedy little 1.6 lump) - S3 users (which I supposed you're closely-linked to) report a marked dropoff in power but usable running all the same.

    The prolonged-use with it disconnected shouldn't make any difference as far as I can see. -Except that you'll probably be more grateful of the performance when you reconnect it!

    It might be worth doing some basic-settings when you're clearing the faults (on the off-chance it'll 'adapt' its throttle-characteristics while the MAF's not present) - but having said that, if I'd written the software I'd have made it consider that there is a faulty/absent MAF (which is recorded in the fault-log) and not adapt throttle-behaviour with that in mind - but I don't know that VAG were able to build that level of redundancy into the OBD sytem on their cars - however even if it does adapt, and you don't reset things with VAG-COM, it's nothing that a while of heavy right-foot action wouldn't sort out.



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