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running routh on idle

alfie155 Feb 25, 2012

  1. alfie155

    alfie155 Member

    Hi I found that my 2.0 tdi 140 seems to b running fine but tends to shaike on idle! Also the turbo makes like a whoosing noise for a split second wen accelerating! Had the car plugged in and nothing is showing up? Turbo pressure is fine, nothing comming up! Wen I took the engine cover off I found allot of shoot on the engine bay whitch could mean dpf? Even tho there is no light showing?? So I took it to force re-genarate but for some strainge resone it wont allow the cumputer to access the ecu! So going in the week to try another computer! Bit conserning! I got a horrible feeling the ecu has been fiddle wiv b4 I had the car! Suppose this gives me a few options! Dpf delete? A new dpf or is there any other way? If the ecu is being awkard maybie a dfp delete could b a problem?

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