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running on cooking oil

colin.t May 22, 2008

  1. colin.t

    colin.t New Member

    hi all.. i own a A4 1900 tdi....was thinking about running car on cooking oil...any advice?..
  2. Carpy25

    Carpy25 Member

    hi mate , don't take this the wrong way but i wouldn't go shouting about this on a public forum , you never know who's reading :no:

    as for the question you need to keep the mix half and half max and change the fuel filters more often , not got a derv my self but someone on here will give you a fuller answer about running cooking oil in a car on private land :salute:

    welcome to the forum

  3. I have run diesels for ages on bio/WVO/SVO so have a *bit* of experience.I have done lots n lots n lots of miles on public roads legally!

    To start off with i dont know what the issue is with talking about it on a public forum ? Up until recently you registered with C+E and put a return in , now you have a 2500l/anum allowance - whats the issue ? Carpy25 - I wouldnt question the integrity of someone i dont know , especially if there is nothing illicit occuring . ( unless colin is shoplifting it).

    IIHO the whole issue is a nightmare/minefield !! There are a million websites and a million opinions! ( oh , and everyone is an expert).

    I have only run older 'mechanical' diesels on anything with veggie oil in and TBH not kept them for long enough to see any real damage to the pump (10k at the most maybe)

    The most consistant info appears to be that Bosch pumps are suitable whereas CAV/LUCAS etc are not . The most plausable explanation appears to be in the rotor tolerances in that Bosch are greater. The decreased viscosity of 'veggie' puts more pressure on the seals ( hydraulic action) also the lubricating properties are alledgedly questionable.

    Oil has better cleaning properties than diesel - it will strip all the gunk from tank/lines etc and dump it in the filter. Change fuel filter at 500 miles then at a 1000 and all should be ok .As a recaution i carries a spare filter and a large bottle of injector cleaner as a precaution ( fill up filter with injector cleaner to prime it). I only got caught out once and that was 4.5k miles after a filter change.

    I have not seen anything about long term effects on engines/pumps. The only info i have to go on is i have a good friend who works as a VAG mechanic ( he's one of the older/better ones BTW!) and he is totally against it due to cars he sees coming in with knackered pumps . At the end of the day VAG r+D budget was spent on developing pumps to work on pump diesel.

    The million dollar question , would i do it ?
    In my current car , no! I didnt mind using it on older engines where i could fix it myself for pennies. This car is a 'keeper' and i would like to see a bit more evidence before i commit.

    Tesco was selling oil for 7p/l less than diesel last week - is it worth it ?

    I have heard it is possible to strain cherry thr' cat litter though , must be true - a man in the pub told me!
  4. Carpy25

    Carpy25 Member

    i was under the impression that not paying tax on fuel used to run a vehicle on a highway was against the law thats why i said that for use in a car on private land , not a slurr on anyone but seen posts on other forum where people have been going on about speeding only to have been followed up by the law

    it was ment to be a helpful post ,sorry if it didn't come over that way

  5. Rob , just joshing chap! as you rightly pointed out it was 'illegal' up until recent times unless you were registered with C+E . The law changed and you can now use 2500l/annum - at 40mpg its enough to do 22000k miles .

    Thats one hell of a 'donut van' cloud hanging ober you! :)

    Regards Mike
  6. Carpy25

    Carpy25 Member

    How much tax do you have to pay per litre to the C&E Mike is it still working out worth it on normal mileages

  7. under the new '2500l' rule you can use that amount without declaring/registering etc with C+E so therefore not paying duty on it (IIRC it was 27p/l). at a nominal 40mpg that would give you 22000 miles worth using it 100% and not mixed .
    Just to be nosey i had a look in Tesco the other nite on my way home - a 25l drum was priced at £1.15/l - only 7p/litre cheaper and TBH i dont want to risk it for pennies.
    A local biodiesel producer to me

    http://www.sundancerenewables.co.uk/biodp/prices.htm Bunch of hipppies that sell it as a sensible price as opposed to kicking the ar$e out of peoples misery.

    Interesting legal loophole is - DONT buy biodiesel as road fuel as it incurs vat at 17.5% . If you buy it in 25l drums as 'heating fuel' you only buy 5% vat on it .

    If you then pour xx litre/ml of neat SVO (new cooking oil) into it when you get home, you have then 'produced' t biodiesel and it it is legal to put it in your tank.

    Bonkers but true!
  8. Nessy

    Nessy VW + Audi mad

    It's my understanding that 'older' generation diesel cars (ie indirect injection engines) like the Series 2 Audi 80 TD and Golfs, and others like the Peugeot 405 TD's are OK on vegetable oil or a diesel/oil mix, but for any direct-injection engine (ie TDi) the idea is a total no-no.
    There's no way I'd risk it in my A4!
  9. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    Check this other thread out!


    1998 2.5 TDI running SVO for over a year currently 85p per litre!

    The idea is not a total NO-NO! on the older TDI's, its more the case on the newer common rail, however I have been speaking to a chap that has run his a3 (common rail) on 100%. As per the other responses it appears to be more about your fuel pump and pre-heaters.

    Thankfully the A6 in question has a big enough pump and has pre-heaters all ready installed, so no mods required.

    Although i could be proven wrong and the engine stops when when least expected.

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