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running on 3 cylinders/ misfire. help needed :(

xCoupexAshx Oct 26, 2011

  1. xCoupexAshx

    xCoupexAshx All Torque

    hey guys, need your greatest of help please. ill start at the beginning..

    driving the other night and coming down the road, after a bit of a run. and suddenly car dropped down to 3 cylinders. so pulled into the garage n after a bit sorted it self out. so carried on and it happened again. so turned it off n left it. mate told me to reset the ecu (disconnect the battery, brake down 10 secs) and it worked fine n managed to get it home. then tested next day n it drove fine till afternoon, n happened again, so i reset it n got it home once more.

    next day took it to my mates garage so we could have a look, got a new coil pack as i suspected it might be the dreaded 3rd cylinder ive read so much about on here, swapped that over. seemed to do the trick, started driving home. but after a mile, happened again, so drove back. the problem found is its not sparking in the 3rd cylinder (third one from the right) the other 3 are working fine as far as i know, as in when the lead from the back of the 3rd cylinder is pulled out theres no difference in the running of the car, yet when you pull any of the other 3 leads that go into the coil packs out, you feel the car drop down. so after 3 hours playing under the bonnet im still stuck. we tried swapping the coil packs round + trying a new coil pack. also tried new spark plugs and swapping them round and still no difference. =[

    today ive tried a new ignition amplifier as i been told it could be this and still no luck. still same problem. tested all other sensors too such as MAS (new one put in only a year ago) and few others.

    so i been told could be one of few things left. 1) problem with the ECU. 2) problem with wiring or 3) timing belt skipped a tooth

    any insight on this or anyone that had the same problem would be much appreciated.

    car = 98 a3 1.8t 8l agu code

    (btw sorry long winded, just trying to give all the infomation i can :])

    thanks in advance, Ash
  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    wiring then. if it's deffo not sparking on Cyl 3. Or is it not running cyl 3?
  3. superkarl

    superkarl MAN OF STEEL

    i vote wiring.
  4. xCoupexAshx

    xCoupexAshx All Torque

    na we had the coil out with spark plug still in it and tried starting the car (well the mechanics did) and didnt spark at all, did sound like a nice v8 tho lol

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