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Running and maintenance costs of an 2010 A3 1.8tfsi

pj1991 Jun 13, 2014

  1. pj1991

    pj1991 New Member

    Hey guys, I'm new here and new to Audis. I've put a desposit on a 2010 reg Audi A3 1.8TFSI and due to pick it up tomorrow. I heard these were quite good on fuel economy and the tax and insurance is cheaper than my Ford Puma, which has also cost me MOT repairs of £400 a year for the last two years. It has 56000 on the clock.

    I'm slightly concerned for the future though as I have heard maintenance costs are expensive. It has full Audi Servicing so far (I will try and maintain this) apprantly it had pasted the MOT with no advisories and there is a 135 multipoint inspection being carried out, along with a 6 month warranty from Sytner Select.

    On average could you guys give me some feedback of you experiences? Roughly what repairs are common to be needing to carry out? Stuff like brake pipes, anything to do with the breaks, corroison, oil leaks etc how much do they cost and how often would you say these problems crop up. Any other costs that you think I might entail would be helpful as well. Also a rough MPG estimate?

    I only do short mileage about 4000-5000 a year. Am I worrying over nothing. I have a buget spare of around £250 so I intend to put £70 a month away for repairs and if its good mpg at around 320 miles to a full tank I will probably only have to fill up once a month. I am also in the Nottingham/Derby area so any advise on independant specialists in the area would be helpful. Thanks.

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