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Running a new car in?

ferris May 1, 2009

  1. ferris

    ferris Member

    Is this worth doing these days?
    Some say, yes still run it in for 1000 miles, some say that by driving it hard from day 1, the engine will loosen up nicely and be quicker in the long run?? :think:
  2. Bergy

    Bergy New Member

    I wouldn't go down the "drive it hard" route. Theoretically that is the best way to bed a performance engine in but you'll need to look after the engine more with increased oil change frequency etc. You also need to think about all the other components on the car that won't respond in the same way as the engine to the hard run-in, like the brakes. ECU probably adapts better if drive it under normal conditions too.

    Personally, I just didn't go crazy and avoided the red line until about 1000k. Pootling along at 3500k seems excessively cautious to me and, unless you plan on keeping the car for many years, doesn't seem worth it?
  3. DiscoPanda

    DiscoPanda Member

    Yes you still need to run-in engines. Use all of the rev range - don't stay at 3500k! Vary your driving and take it up to the redline every now and then (only when the car is warm) but don't bounce it off the limiter or thrash it.

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