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Rumble/vibration on take off

DGSdale Oct 8, 2008

  1. DGSdale

    DGSdale Member


    I wonder if anybody has experienced this before. I have a '98 2.8 quattro Avant 5 speed tiptronic & when pulling away & turning right at the same time I get a rumble/vibration from the front end somewhere, I think from the right hand side but its difficult to tell for sure. Its only whilst the wheels are turned to the right, as the wheels straighten up it goes completely & it doesn't happen at all when pulling away in a straight line. I replaced the O/S/F outer C.V. joint (split gaiter, so did the joint too) a week ago but that hasn't made any difference - it did it before & it still does it. Got four new tyres this morning so the wheels were balanced & the wheel alignment was done at the same time and that hasn't changed anything either.
    Many thanks in advance if anybody can shed some light on this one.
  2. Flying Spanner

    Flying Spanner Member

    I had this on my Allroad and was the Torsen diff.
  3. S6JON

    S6JON New Member

    Got a similar thing on my S6, taken it to the garage who say it's just the diff "taking up" and is normal, still going to keep my eye on it though, may be worth changing the oil in the box and transfer box on the next service anyway!!
  4. Verne

    Verne New Member

    I wouldn't wait until the next service, get the oil changed anyway. Majority of people never change the oil in the box and when a tiptop box goes, it gets expensive.
    Prevention is better than cure, so I change gearbox oil once for every 2 engine oil changes.
    Engine oil every year (do less than 4k miles) and gearbox every 2.
  5. djcormie

    djcormie Member

    I have this vibration at slow speed on full lock, mostly when turning the car right. The tracking was off previously so I changed the tyres and got the tracking done at the same time. Wheels were also balanced. The mechanic I took it too at the time didn't find any problems with CV joints or boots. Is it a problem with the diff that needs to be fixed or is it a normal thing that is common with diffs.



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