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RSN Headunit Problem Mp3 - Help!!

Leetaylor Jul 8, 2006

  1. Leetaylor

    Leetaylor Member


    Now then, is it me being stupid, or is the sorting of tracks a complete nightmare on the SD card to enable playback on the unit.

    I hava a SD card (1G) of which i want to put quite a few albums, so when i copy and paste the tracks onto the card on my PC they are fine, all in order with the full compiment of tracks.

    However, when i put the card in the reader slot in my car everthing changes!!
    The unit takes it upon itself to re-arrange everthing into alphabetical order, or if the tracks are numbered, i.e 1-20 per albumn, all the 1's go together then the 2's etc etc!!
    Also the songs are all in Mp3 format, and show up on the PC reader, but the RNS cannot read all tracks, there are approx 5-10 missing per albumn.

    Is anyone else experiencing stuff like this, and is there a software programme to sort this, otherwise i think i'll have to purchase a CD changer!!


  2. mikeclark007

    mikeclark007 Member


    Just bought myself a 2GB SD Card the other day and had exactly the same problem to start with. Firstly I PM'd another user on the forum that might be able to help me out if he doesnt read this.

    Secondly, I have 3 double albums on the card so far. I broke each 1 down into CD1 & CD2. Your correct in saying they all appear perfectly in the file on the PC but i have problems with just 1 of my albums - it rearranged the track numbers on the RNS-E.

    Before when it missed a load of tracks off its cos certain ones were in .m4a? or .wav format. Even those tracks that i thought were in mp3 format didnt appear on the display until i reformatted them using a program called "Switch Plus" - very easy conversion software.

    However on this 1 album i still have a problem with it rearranging the track order. Dunno if this helped either but with my other working albums (all 6 CD's worth!) i highlighted all the files from the CD and went into their properties and wiped all the tags so every file appeared with just the artist and track name - no rubbish left from internet users who put 'comments' on their music files.

    Too summerise All my tracks are present off every album but just 1 album has its order rearranged - its a bugger cos its a dance album and all the tracks flow together.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Of course it rearranges them into alphabetical order how else would it sort them given it has no idea in what order they were burnt to the SD card, as there is no order on hard drive/media cards?
    It's not like a music CD because it isn't a music CD.
    The easiest way is to just number the tracks in the order you want them to play.
  4. Karcsi

    Karcsi Member

    Yeh, numb nuts. Of course it orders them alphebetically...

    I guess what Andy perhaps meant to say is that the HU probably cannot read the MP3 ID3 tags to order them by artist or album or genre, like a mp3 player can, so it just orders them as a list of song titles. I would think a solution might be to have the artist - album - track - soundtitle as the name of each file by choosing the mp3 ripping program to do that.
  5. mikeclark007

    mikeclark007 Member

    Just to clarify. All my files are numbered anyway so arranging them alphabetically would position them in order of 1, 2, 3, 4.... yeah??

    "02 Mylo Vs Miami Sound Machine - Doctor Pressure" This is how a track looks. I have also gone into the properties of the file and under track number put "2". This way you can list them either alphabetically or by track number and they should be in order on the RNS-E right??? Wrong!! Dunno why but on a particular album it doesnt.
  6. Leetaylor

    Leetaylor Member

    Yeah, just numbered them now 1-80+, will just have to keep doing that me thinks.
  7. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    I recall from the excellent http://www.navplus.us forum something about a file you add to the SD card which lists all the MP3s ordered as a playlist? I don't have an RNS-E unit but if you search or post on this forum, someone will be able to tell you.
  8. A3_3.2_S-Line

    A3_3.2_S-Line Member

    Its all to do in the way you save the mp3 file, many people do it different ways but the one I find works best on my Apline mp3 player and other mp3 devices is to do the following:

    Artist / Album / Track Number. Track - name.mp3

    For xample:
    Layo & Bushwacka! / Night Works / 01 - Vinyl.mp3

    If a album has more then one disc do this:
    Foo Fighters / In Your Honor (CD1) / 01 - In Your Honor.mp3
    Foo Fighters / In Your Honor (CD2) / 01 - Still.mp3

    (Also if you rip your mp3's using Windows Media player as defult it will rip it to WMA format, so make sure you change it to MP3 in the options menu.)
  9. cosmicblue

    cosmicblue Member

    OK, as posted already manually renaming each track with a numeric at the beginning of the file name will preserve the sequence.

    The reason the that the RNS can't read all your tracks (assuming that they are all MP3s) is that you have some file names that are too long.

    I don't have the documentation with me but I'm 99% sure that the maximum file length is 64 characters and that is the full path length including the track name (spaces count as characters too). I'm not absolutely sure but I have a notion that there might be a limit of 64 folders per card - on a 2GB card with ripped CDs you could be nudging that boundary.

    So if you rip your MP3 tracks using something like Windows Media player then you will have Artist/Album/trackname.mp3 and thus it is pretty easy to get past 64 characters - worse still if you have grouped the tracks into Genre folders too.

    Shorten the path lengths and the problem is fixed.

    Personally speaking I ditch the Artist folder and add the artist initials to the Album folder name, i.e. all Eric Clapton albums are prefixed EC.

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