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RS6 - Turbo Modifications

Rsinoz Sep 23, 2012

  1. Rsinoz

    Rsinoz New Member

    Hey all

    I am new to this forum but have been playing with turbocharged vehicles for a while (years), I've recently purchased an RS6 C5 and wanted to know what has/can be done to its turbos.

    I originally planned to upgrade them using Garetts but after realising the space issues have opted to live with what is possible by using the standard housing etc.

    I have done some research already and have noticed that the general consensus is that the 2283 wheel is the best option, using a billet version which has the extended tip technology being the best to use but I wanted to hear other ppl's thoughts and impressions.

    I also have learnt that the wheel in questions 2283 comes form the S3 8P turbo, please someone correct me if this is incorrect and I have noticed that some companies are offering upgrades to that turbo which produce 400hp again I am not sure if its the same turbo etc but I wondered if anyone can shed some light in this wheel being an option?

    I would also appreciate the feedback from anyone who is or has used a K04 with the wheels I am talking about.

    I am also a realist and understand that the power achievable by using the standard housings is limited, I am ideally looking for a pair of turbos upgrade which will have the ability to flow 300hp if possible, anything above that is a bonus.

    I will also be doing other work to the engine which are not simple bolt ons to assist in achieving these numbers such as porting, valves etc.

    Thanks again and I apologise for the long thread and look forward to ppl's replies.
  2. stoke_audi

    stoke_audi Active Member

    Hi Rsinoz

    Sorry but being an actuall Audi main dealer, this is not something we can advise on

    Thanks Dave
  3. Rsinoz

    Rsinoz New Member

    All good thanks anyway.

    I was told by a different audi employee that the service centres have the tools necessary to freshen up the bores on Alusil blocks, could you advise if this is the case or what should be done to freshen them up assuming they measure up within spec of course.

    Ps this is the an RS6 block.
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    You better go on Loba Motorsport's website and get yourself on the audisrs forum. The only thing to watch on the rs6 is the auto gearbox and suspension, many opt for Bilstein coilovers when the shocks go, the gearbox is a touch more tricky so better start saving or go for a manual conversion ! MRC Tuning have done one as far as i know, they are well respected tuners so i would get in touch with them for ideas.

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