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RS6 Tiptronic

Andy Jul 19, 2006

  1. Andy

    Andy New Member VCDS Map User


    I am a new member with an RS6 Avant.

    Does anybody know if its possible to re programme the gear selection speeds for manual upshifts and auto down shifts on the 5 speed Tiptronic in manual paddle mode.

    It will not allow an upshift to 3rd until 20mph, 4th at 30mph and 5th at 40 mph and the same with downshifts. Its a pain around town meaning your in 3rd or 4th most of the time.


  2. marmite

    marmite Counting the Tesco Club points

    Congrats on the car I just picked mine up on Friday and still smiling!!!
    With regards to the gearbox you can get your local dealer to reset the basic settings on the g/box control unit. This will reset it for you, Drive as you wish and between 50 - 80 miles it will remember your driving style. It should reconfigure anyway but sometimes it needs a kick..They may charge you..!!

    I got a tech at my local dealer to tweek a few bits in his luch time..reset CDL to bleep, auto lock and unlock car with one press of button. Reset basic settings on all systems..Then took it for a spin 100 miles perfect..!!!

    Good luck and enjoy your new car..!!

    BTW I got the full carpet boot protector which fits the boot of course plus when you fold the rear seats down it covers those too..basicaly it a big carpet mat which protects your boot floor carpet and backseats, I going to list it on E-bay poss let me know if interested.(out of my wifes Allroad, never used it as got plastic highsided load liner)

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