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RS6/RS4 Alloys width and offset...

Paul 1979 Apr 29, 2013

  1. Paul 1979

    Paul 1979 New Member

    I have tried searching the forum but didn't have no luck...
    Im looking at getting some RS6/RS4 style 5 spoke alloys for my A3 (Like the standard S-Line style but wider and the versions with the concave'd face...)
    Have come across a few sets that seem to be 18x8J and offsets of 35, Will the versions with that offset fit? (I'd still like to run 225/40 tyres but going 215/40 wouldn't be a problem)
    I'd like them to come flush with the wheel arches and have a slightly concave'd face rather than being flat like the Standard alloys...

    Car has standard suspension at the moment but I'd like to drop it around 50mm...

    Any info or pics would be great,

    Cheers Paul
  2. Persian

    Persian CEO Audi S3

    I have the RS6/4 alloys which do look like the S-Lines, they are 18x8J ET43 which fit perfectly filling arch gap looking wide with no problems on 225/40. However I believe anything lower then ET43 on 8J would cause issues.

    Look in here I have posted a pic of mine standard suspension but on the RS6/4's could give you an idea of what 18x8 ET43 looks like.

    Best of luck
  3. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Concave wheels will likely all be the lower offsets, and to avoid confusion they're not RS4 wheels (both RS4s have 9-spoke wheels, the B7s are split spokes). Plenty of people have them on A3s, so there must be a good fitment available.

    This is all assuming you mean these wheels?
  4. Paul 1979

    Paul 1979 New Member

    Persian: Looks good but I'm after the versions/size that have a slight concave/dish to the face of the wheel, I'll put a pic up of what I mean later.

    MartayMcfly: Yep there the style wheels I'm taking about buddy, I know wheels around the et45 offset are an ideal fit with no problems, so is it possible that wheels with even lower offsets are the versions with the more concave'd face...?

    Cheers Paul
  5. Paul 1979

    Paul 1979 New Member


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  6. T8DPR

    T8DPR If Carlsberg Made Audi Drivers...

    I think they're most likely replicas if they're that concave

    many people say that if they're the natural fitment of the a4 (lower offset number, in the 40s) then they seem to sit nicer in the arches whereas the a3 fitment (offset in the 50s) then they sit slightly further in
  7. leeds2592

    leeds2592 When I grow up, I want a 964!

    Is that photo of Dec's old A3? If so, they're reps IIRC.
  8. Paul 1979

    Paul 1979 New Member

    Yep it is Dec's old car, I have been keeping an eye out for wheels of the same size but have had no luck, he said they are 18x8.5 et38,
    has anyone's seen 8J wide rims with an offset of ET35 fitted to and A3 8P? Is it possible...?

    Cheers Paul

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