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RS6 reliability?

carmad Feb 24, 2013

  1. carmad

    carmad New Member

    Hi guys,

    New here. Need some advice.

    I've finally got in a position to buy and run a 4.2 V8 RS6....but recently I read an article from warranty direct saying the RS6 was the most unreliable car they have ever known.

    From your experience is there any truth to this or is it nonsense?

  2. Bodfish

    Bodfish New Member

    OK, bear with me because I'm on my iPad...

    Ive had my C5 for nearly a year and it has been faultless mechanically and electrically. (Crosses fingers toes legs eyes and touch's the nearest tree). For me, that accolade goes to an X5 3.0i Sport I ran for a couple if years a little while back.

    That said, you have to be aware that you are buying a car that will be at least nine years old. My view would be that there won't be many manufacturers whose models approaching their tenth birthday that would not be more prone to the odd issue here and there. The problem with the RS6 is that when it does go pop, it will inevitably be expensive.

    On the plus side, the cars will also have been owned by enthusiasts and I'd bet you'd struggle to find one that hasnt had dealer stamps for the vast majority of work done to it, or at least specialist independents. It's not a car people take to Kwikfit when it needs new brakes.

    Just do your homework, try to get as lower mileage example as you can afford and make sure the stamps are good, that remedial work is main dealer (early life) and that the DRC has been refitted, or even better replaced already.
  3. the_cueball

    the_cueball Active Member

    and on the other side, my mates has been a f****g money pit...

    2 owner, 'cherished' full main dealer history...totally standard, 70k miles....

    its eating tyres in 1,000 miles, and no one know why.... stupid suspension was changed over to normal shocks a long time ago, and all geometry is spot on...3 different places have looked at it, not 1 person has any idea why...

    ABS sensors go wrong for fun... parking sensors are the usual Audi rubbish... centre armrest is broke... heating controls are rubbed away... there is an issue with the drivers handle... it needs to be opened in a 'special' way... I've found 3 like that now mind you...

    and just this weekend, it's now throwing gearbox error codes... 2nd gear ratio etc... which he's being told is probably a rebuild, and an engine out job.... mega bucks...

    but, when it's running, it's a beast of a car... he drives it like a granny as well... so it's not getting abused...

    i said I will buy it for £10... I think he's considering my offer... lol

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