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rs6 or s6 with £15000 budget

tony torque Dec 5, 2011

  1. tony torque

    tony torque New Member

    [HR][/HR] Hi there im gonna be buying an audi rs or s 6 soon and it makes sense to me to join this forum to get ideas and help and also to offer any help as i am a fully qualified mechanic ( albeit from 20 yrs ago but still fix all my vehicles if i can ) and absolutely mad about cars. my main thing at the moment is i cant decide on what model to buy so would really be gratefull for imput.
    I originally was looking at getting the rs6 but looking into it further i might be better off getting the s6 as i could then afford the later model containing the v10 lambo engine on my £15000 budget (or less if i can) but is the lambo engine the way to go in terms of reliability and performance? .
    I suppose what im really getting at is will i be getting a better car buying a newer s6 than and older rs6 with the v8 and is there really much difference in performance figures and sounds silly but fuel efficiency . Sorry about the long winded question , hopefully i will get better with practice ,many thanks

    BOBBIE New Member

    Hi from one newbie to another, i have had my 04 RS6 for 3 years now, really the engine and transmission is prety bullitt proof i have had no problems at all, apart from the DRC of which i have the second generation fitted by audi under the good will warranty, i really think you only get problems when you start the mapping route by putting extra stesses on all components, i know nothing about the S6. I would say its the best car i have had the performance is incredible, it actually does not change into 5 gear till you reach 150mph for the price you really will not beat it.

  3. tony torque

    tony torque New Member

    hi thanks robbie , is yours the v10 or v8 and do u or anyone know if theres a great difference in driving experience between the 2 .
    does anyone also know if theres a great difference in performance between the rs6 and the s6 ( whether its the older v8 or newer v10)
    many thanks
  4. ChrisFurlong

    ChrisFurlong Avantageous

    I'm hoping to get an S6 in the next year or so, and was originally tempted by a C5 RS6. However, I read a review some guy wrote comparing the C5 RS6 vs C6 S6 vs BMW M5, and he said yes the RS6 is quick, but it's nothing like driving the newer S6. I would go for the S6.

    Couple of things...
    - the engine in the S6 isn't Lamborghini, or even close. Its completely different.
    - the RS6 will be faster, and is very tuneable (so can get even faster). The S6 your limited on tuning, until someone makes a supercharger for the V10.
    - Fuel efficency, the S6 will be better. No turbos, and newer engine with FSI.
    - When I was talking with an Audi mechanic at work, he told me to steer clear of the RS6, unless you get a full coverage warrenty. He said when something goes wrong, its normally very expensive. He told me he'd just replaced a rear oil seal on the back of the engine, the part cost £5, but it required engine removal, so the total bill was over £6000!

    I would go for the S6.

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