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RS6 Door cards + Blinds + Bose

Jay.C Jul 8, 2012

  1. Jay.C

    Jay.C New Member

    I've got some RS6 door cards for sale, they're black with the light coloured leather. Also they've got the rear blinds and come with the bose speakers with the 'bose' emblem on the grills. I've heard that audi don't make these grills anymore so they're near on impossible to find. I saw a pair of just the 2 grills going for £70..... For some reason i'm missing the drivers side front window switches and the passenger rear window switch but you could pick up replacements easily from ebay. I'm sure when I got them they were there so if i find them i'll include them but i'll say they come without.

    I'm looking at around £125 for them. Or make me an offer.
    I've not seen these for sale before so if anyone thinks im being stupid with the price let me know. I'm not going to let them go for nowt though. Cheers!

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