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RS5 gearbox query

S3 AD Nov 21, 2013

  1. S3 AD

    S3 AD Active Member

    Have any RS5 owners experieneced any kind of gearbox issues when starting from cold? only the first change from first to second? like a small amount of clutch slip? I have freind who is expericing this. Reading Audi have confirmed they can reproduce the issue, but cant seem to do anything about it, they have had the car multiple times over the last few weeks. I never use this dealer any more as they have prooven in the past to be pretty incompetent in the past, I have advised of a much better dealer to use locally but would be good to know if this is somthing comon. Any feedback from RS5 owners would be greatlt appreciated.
  2. RS5UK

    RS5UK Member

    You can feel when the box changes from first to second when cold. It's not as smooth a gear change as when the oil heats up or when going through the rest of the gears (you'd hardly notice the other gear changes) - saying that though, I've just had the gear oil changed and the dealer said that it will take a bit for the car to react to my driving characteristics.
  3. RRichard

    RRichard New Member

    Sometimes the gearbox can appear to snatch a bit, last year I had a problem with the mechtronic's and the gearbox didnt appear to change correctly, shorty after this i lost reverse and a few forward gears. I managed to get it to the Audi garage where it stayed for the next 4 weeks. the mechtronics had to be ordered from Germany, it was fitted and all seemed well untill the mechanic noticed oil seeping from a seal, it turned out that this particular seal could not be replaced so they had to fit a new gearbox which again had to be sourced from Germany. This was fitted and tested, there was a slight rumbling noise coming from the gearbox especially in dynamic mode, after a few days a specialist identified the problem and upgraded the gearbox software and all was good. I do drive it hard and sometimes the gearbox is not a smooth as I would like but I love the car and its worth putting up with a few things as the overall experience is fantastic. I have been driving it now for four years and it still make me smile.
  4. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    How could the noise those things make, 8500 RPM and the throttle blip on down changes not make you smile.

    ACWKGYTO Well-Known Member

    Great noise !

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