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rs4 wheels help needed

markymarc Apr 29, 2007

  1. markymarc

    markymarc New Member

    can anyone tell me if the rs4 b7 wheels are the right offset for my rs6 , if so will the tyre pressure sensors work and also i belive the wheels are made of magnesium so was wondering if they are strong enough to lug the beast around . any advice welcomed . cheers marc
  2. Teutonic_Tamer

    Teutonic_Tamer GreasedMonkey HoofHearted

    Marc, dunno what the offset on yours is, but the B7 RS4 offset is ET29

    What type of tyre pressure sensors do you have? Some VAG cars use actual pressure sensors bolted inside the rim, and others merely use the ABS wheel speed sensors to calculate differences between rotational speeds. Mine have the first.

    B7 RS4 rims have no magnesium - they are merely a aluminium/silcon alloy. If your chemistry is any good: "Al Si7 wa".

    Oh, overall mass, with new Pirelli P Zero Rosso 255/35 ZR19 96Y is 23.6kg. I havn't been able to weigh a loose rim yet.

    HTH, rgds.

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