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RS4 replica bumper fitting questions.

OllyS4 Jul 21, 2009

  1. OllyS4

    OllyS4 Member

    I'm thinking of fitting a RS4 replica front bumper on my pre-facelift S4 avant.
    I've read lots on here but still have a few questions i need help with.
    I understand that the best way is to use the front cross bar out of the OEM bumper and glue it to the RS4 one.

    1. Can i use any A4 B5 cross bar to fit the RS4 bumper to my S4?
    2. How do you fit the RS4 bumper to the wings (were the black plasic tryangle are)?
    3. How do you fit the wheel arch liners to RS4 bumper?
    4. What are the part numpers for the OME RS4 front grills?
    5. Were is the best place to get the replica RS4 bumper from?

  2. docurley

    docurley Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not done a lot of searching on this as I have covered what is the best RS4 bumper to buy and it was also well documented on how it looks on one of the members S4 on here.

    Anyway to cover the fitting issues any preface bumper bar will do because you will fit that to the bumper shocks and align the bumper and bond to that.

    You will be best advised to do the entire alignment bit first and trimming before you bond it on and you will have to fab up brackets and thing to get it all to fit.

    The OEM RS4 bolts to the underside of the front wing lip on the side and might be an option if there is a big enough lip on a stock wheel arch.

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