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Rs4 replica alloys centre caps

Jp-tqs Jan 15, 2012

  1. Jp-tqs

    Jp-tqs Member

    Hi all, my centre caps off my replica rs4 alloys (9 spoke) have been nicked ffs!!! All 4 of them, Thieving pikies! Ive looked into buying a new set but its not that straight forward!! For a start i dont remember exactly what mine looked like, theres lots on ebay with the same dimensions. But i dont want a rubbish set that doesnt quite look right! Any help fellas would be much appriciated ta!
  2. Billyboy200uk

    Billyboy200uk New Member

    Hi mate, not a million miles away from you, and I had the same problem last week....thieving scroats !!! Rang Audi at Chandlers Ford and they want £25 each centre cap including VAT.
    I found a used set on eBay, but they still cost me £55 with p&p. Unfortunately they are not that common, and the cheap ones on eBay that look the same are not. Can't remember the code for them, but Audi will give you the code.
    If this set goes walkies, then I am either gonna replace the alloys with ones that don't have centre caps, or just buy chrome bolt covers, as I don't think they look too bad with the caps gone.

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