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RS4 Convertible and passenger seat adjustment

AHV Aug 11, 2012

  1. AHV

    AHV New Member

    Just met a guy at the hotel, and he says he's been after an RS4. He's looked at the drop top but says that the passenger seat does move back far enough, and his wife's knees are up against the dash. He's already tried the standard saloon and the seat moves fine, but out of the 3 drop tops he's tried, all of them give little room for the front passenger. Is this correct?
  2. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    Not sure on this, however there is a sort of clip which sits in the running rail of the seats in the cab. It stops the seat when it's folded forward and sliding back into position, presumably to prevent the rear passenger's feet getting crushed! The only reason I know this is the passenger clip has come off on mine...

    Might be worth checking to see if there is one, and if it's very far forward try moving it back a few inches to give some more leg room?? Also this might not be the problem and I might have been no help!
  3. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    there should be as much room as a normal cab and the saloon
    mine went all the way back
    but as above check the clips they need moveing
  4. AHV

    AHV New Member

    Ok, thanks, I'll get him to check it out next time he looks

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