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RS4 B7 oil & fuel consumption

luckie Feb 24, 2009

  1. luckie

    luckie New Member

    hiya, ive had my rs4 avant for 16 months now, just had 1st service at 13k miles, wondered how mines comparing with others on oil and fuel consumption. In the last 13k miles I've had to use an extra 4 litres of top up, is this normal? the service guy at audi said they can use upto 1litre per 1000 miles which would make mine good but that seems very excessive. Also on normal driving, say commuting on motorways with abit of town driving how many miles would you get to a tank. I average 200-220 but last year I had another RS4 but 56 plate to drive for a week and i got much more miles from a tank.
  2. PetrolDave

    PetrolDave Well-Known Member

    4 litres of oil for 13k miles is less than some and more than some (I use 1 litre per 5k miles) - so you're OK there.

    Miles per tank depends on the air temperature (less when really cold), where you drive (town, rural, motorway), and how hard you drive. The worst mpg I've had is 16mpg on a commute to work in town (which is about 220 miles per tank) and the best 28mpg cruising in rural France (which is about 400 miles per tank).
  3. Pad125

    Pad125 New Member

    The oil consumption is a difficult one, you’ll probably find most manufacturers quote quite high oil consumption figures as this leads to less customer complains about excessive use. You’ll probably find most manufacturers wont even entertain a query unless there are large amounts of blue smoke bellowing out the back. (I worked in a Renault service centre in the 80’s and getting an oil consumption query recognised was very difficult)

    Fuel consumption on my RS4 is about the same as PetrolDave but I have had 34mpg on a 60/70mph run up north……once!

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