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  1. FazS3

    FazS3 Member

    Well been looking into the B5 RS4,was just wondering if anybody could highlight the common faults with these vehicles and also what I should be looking out for.

    Dont really know much about them as in terms of reliability and what is maintenance costs like??Any info would be much appreciated.


  2. leecs3

    leecs3 thinking about stuff

    You need to do alot of preventative maintaince with an RS4, and they are very expensive to run. You don't want to be running one without a warranty! Stick with your S3 would be my advice you unless you REALLY want an RS4. Cam wear is a big issue on dealer cars as Audi spec'd the wrong oil from new, cost to repair is circ £4k i've heard. Turbo's can cost upto £4500 to replace. I've spent over £3k on little niggles like, MAF, wheel bearing, CV's boots, exhaust, cam cover oil leak. Be very careful!

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