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RS4 Alloys on an Audi a3?

parin May 30, 2010

  1. parin

    parin New Member

    I currently have audi a5 18" alloys on my audi a3.

    SInce I bought them last year, I cant fit more than 4 (including myself) people in my car sometimes even 3, because the wheels scrape the rear arch. I also get steering judder at high speeds and top speeds been reduced to about 100 (before 120). I assume the judder is due to not having put spacers.

    I am thinking of taking these off and putting RS4 Alloys but they only come in 18 and 19. If I get RS4 18, will I have to get any arch work done and will it require spacers?

    RS4 alloys seem to be far more common on a3, so Im assuming theyre straight fits?

    Im talking about the NEW shape audi rs4 alloys.

    Im hoping any members who have the same alloys on the same car can give me some advice?

  2. rs_t

    rs_t New Member

    We are talkning OEM wheels here right? It all comes down to ET. A5 wheels has to low ET for your A3. The different Audi wheel designs comes on a lot of different Audi cars, but with different ET. Wheels from RS4 will not fit your car. (9x19 ET 29). Wheels with RS4 design from an A6 will most likely fit your car. (8,5x19 ET48).
  3. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    are they reps or OEM wheels? if your top speed has reduced 20 mph thats shocking, they must weigh a ton.
  4. felixtcat

    felixtcat crash test dummy

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